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  1. Yes, they (Mitsubishi) really tried to expand the utility of the thing and claim it as a 6-seater. I'm pretty sure the J3 had the original dimensions. Then came the J30 and J40 series with a 108" wheelbase, and J20 series with 88" like a Series LR shortie. I'm glad you were able to recover the situation, and probably made someone's day.
  2. Did you buy a top for a J3 or a CJ3B? Yes, Amayama is usually a bit cheaper than the other two.
  3. Yeah those are great. Same generation and powertrain as mine, but you have the original CJ3B 80" wheelbase, classic windshield hinges and a few more creature comforts. Let me know if you need a shop manual, although I only have it in original Japanese.
  4. Hi. Yes, it's a terrific little machine. Aside from Yokohama there is Megazip and Amayama. These three bought up the stock of parts from (I believe) both the JSDF and Mitsubishi when they stopped production and again when the JSDF starting auctioning the vehicles off. Megazip I know is run by Russians. The other two I'm not sure but I suspect the same. THey have a monopoly on this stuff and they know it. Amayama is a bit cheaper. Please note it's always worth checking the Mitsubishi part number you're looking at for availability. Quite a few parts are common with other models and can be had fr
  5. That looks like a J10. Quite a bit older than mine, and quite rare as they appear to have only made that from '59 to '61. Really spiffy-looking too, hence the price tag. I paid about half that much for mine. In case anyone is interested and has a half hour to waste, here's a video I made laying out what I know about the history of these Jeeps, military and civvie. It's very hard pulling together much info on these, even if you do read Japanese, but the old Mitsubishi catalogs are very well done.
  6. Greetings all. I'm Les, an aging gearhead from London, now based in the Philippines after a lifetime working in different parts of Asia. I care for and operate a 1988 Mitsubishi J23GN, which is descended from the Willys CJ3B that went into production in Japan in 1953 and continued in various forms until 1998. As a nipper I did a lot of work on and mucking about in a Series 2A Land Rover and decided to play with something similarly primitive before I get too tired and sore to row my own gears. Question: Why is that only the Germans, among the Axis powers, get their own sub-section on the f
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