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  1. Hello again Thanks with help on last image. Here are three more motors for you to ponder over. Sorry not so clear a picture this time. This was taken at Twente in about May/June1945 cheers Motherbird
  2. Hi and thanks the welcome and for all the ideas. There are definite differences from the one in my photo. As 6x6 suggests it may be a military version. I know that just after the war was over all the pilots were most upset when all 'liberated' cars were confiscated. So unfortunately it is not hiding in a shed awaiting repairs! Motherbird
  3. Hi I'm a newbie to this site. I wonder if anyone can tell me what sort of car this might be. It is being driven by my father on an aerodrome probably in Holland or Germany in 1945. He "liberated" an SS staff car I wonder if this is it. Thanks Motherbird
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