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  1. Rupert, I guess I will have to bite the bullet. Cheers, Alan.
  2. Rupert, The Logistics site it has something on our Humber, but wants 10 quid. The clippings are an interesting find. I guess they could be in reference to our vehicle. Alan.
  3. Rupert where is the best place to find out it’s history? alan.
  4. I took some shots today.
  5. Yep, you can. Pic of Dad with the GPA and the major flaw with them on boggy banks.
  6. Rupert, I don't know of any Austin Truck parts in the South West or Central West of Qld. There was a property near Blackall that used to use Morris commercials. Most Austin Truck in that area were later models, 1960's etc. I'll have a look at the plates on the Humber when I get back up there. Alan.
  7. Rupert, I'll get some better ones when I get back to the "farm". High roof, 2 seat, 4 door. Single swinging door at rear. LH stub axle housing has been worn around the thread area.
  8. Does anyone have any idea how many Humber FWD's exist in Australia? We have one that my father bought from the southern inland of Qld years ago. Unfortunately, my father died last year, so I can't ask him. The story we were told was that it had been bought out to Australia as a vehicle for filming a movie set in the desert, possibly a Charles Chauvel film. I don't have any serial numbers to hand. cheers.
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