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  1. I think that the cylinders would have been used for cutting . This was the - nearly 100% - use in REME workshops that I was part of. Mind you, some of the Civies could weld!
  2. You would have been surprised at just how many Military - 50s to 60s - did not know about the DA Cylinders!!! Mind you - in my 12 plus years service - I never met anybody who could weld!!!!
  3. When I first saw this - MELF57 - I thought something was wrong cos Derna was MELF8!!! It was probably BFPO!
  4. I am on that photo somewhere!!!!I stood on one of the trucks lining the Parade ground! I ran out of film just as the Royal Landrover passed me just 6' away!!!
  5. Did you see the Landrovers in the final scene of 'Ice cold'? A bit of another giggle was driving East though-out the film they ended up in Tripoli!!!!
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