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  1. Hi all, I’m modelling some British WW2 soft skins and wondered if the disruptive colour applied to the canvas tilts soaked through to the inside? does anyone have any pictures? thanks
  2. Hi Chris, I'm a newbie here so just started reading your fascinating thread. Do you still need a steel supplier or did you source your armour plate? I have a client runs AJ Steels in Coventry - I can ask him - what plate sizes do you need?
  3. Also, presumably applied to Empire vehicles, e.g. Canadian?
  4. Thanks David, I'll get my red and white paints out!
  5. Thanks Simon. Were they painted red to stop crews undoing them when changing wheels?
  6. Thanks John - were they painted like that during WW2 - specifically around D-Day?
  7. Hi there, I'm a military modeller and I've just started modelling some UK & US Softskins for a D-Day Mulberry Harbour exhibition. I've noticed a lot of restored British Trucks have the wheel nuts painted Red and White - would they have been like this during the war or was this a peacetime affectation? Thanks in anticipation
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