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  1. The MV i am wanting is not road legal so have no other choice and it is open topped so really need it in a shed. I have a double garage at home but this is straight onto the main road in the village so i could store it but would have no way to move it without driving it onto the road first which is not really an option. I kinda want to get this headache sorted before i commit to buying it really. Cheers Tim
  2. I am just south of Milton Keynes and im looking for storage for a 222 armoured car. Do you still have space and if so roughly where are you in Northants? I am trying to find somewhere within 1 hour from home if possible. I will also PM and ask for info. Cheers Tim
  3. Did you find anywhere Lance? I am not far from Wycombe and also looking for a storage/play area. Cheers Tim
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of buying an armoured car and would like to find some storage space on a farm or similar in the Milton Keynes area if possible. In fact North Bucks, Bedfordshire, Oxon or Northants could also be fine if within 1 hour drive of Milton Keynes. It would be great to find somewhere to store it but also be able to work on it under cover and run it off road as well. Cheers Tim
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