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    Morris C8

    Have confirmed that this is a softskin wireless. Have all the equipment (I think?), but need a photo or something to se how this is to be mounted. Hope to get some help. Have not found anything on the net yet 😕
  2. Sigve

    Morris C8

    Hi Runflat. Thanks for the correction. Was told that this might have been a radiotruck? Sigve
  3. As found 🙂 Anyone have photos of radiosets used inside? Sigve
  4. Hello Tom, The early Bedforn in Norway is mine. Chassis nr. is MWD 10227. This Bedford have been rebuildt in 45 using a new frame (MWD 53630). Regards Sigve
  5. Can somebody tell me what this is??? Got this part together with some Bedford MWD stuff! Sigve
  6. Thanks for all your feedbacks on my request. Have been given good help from "Woa2". Still need some photos from the footweell of the cabin. Anything will do? Here's a picture of the Ford at this time: Sigve Ps: For those of you who want to se other pictures of this restauration (text only in Norwegian): http://forum-sof.motion-forum.net/f17-commonwealth-kjoretoy-uk-og-canada
  7. Would also be nice to obtain some history to this vehicle. What do we need to supply to get a start on this? Gues it came to Norway with the Allied Land Forces in 1945. Picture of a tag from carrier track link (spare parts) Sigve
  8. Hello, Museum in Norway have started restauration of a Ford Wot2. This vehicle is in a sad state and we could need some pictures of the inside and the underside of the cab. Can anyone help with this? Sigve
  9. Thanks to all of you that helped with information on our restauration! We have now started the restauration of a Ford Wot2: (Parts wanted!) Sigve
  10. Richard Hughes, Nice photo. Third position of the spare wheel that I have seen. Is this due to modell or different producers? Do you have more pictures of your Matador? Would be interested in details of the benches. Here are some data on our Matador: Sigve
  11. Here is a picture of a Morris C4. Was not easy to find somthing about this model on the net? Sigve
  12. In Norway these trucks where used to haul the german 8,8cm AA: This one is just been restored at our museum and will be put behind the Matador. Sigve
  13. Thanks for your reply 6x6 and morris c8 fat, This Matador belongs to a small museum in Norway: Rogaland war historic museum (www.rkm.no.com sorry only in Norwegian). It was bought some Mont's ago. The add was posted her on the forum: http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?t=9557&highlight=Matador It is in drivable condition and has not been modified since it was sold from the Norwegian army in the 1970. The configuration of the bed is slightly different from your drawing morris. The spare wheel is on the other side. Rifle rack is on it´s place tho. We need to rebuild
  14. Hi, Can anyone help with information on the inside of the bed of a AEC Matador currently under restauration? Have some of the details, but seems like somethings are missing? regards Sigve
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