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  1. I was in a bit of a hurry today, but could not locate the VIN number on the OY or QL. i will have a more thorough look next time.
  2. Thank you for information, I will go back and search for VIN number on the OYC and the QL next time i drive by. Where can i look for information about 20885? Any Bedford/military register online?
  3. In my neighborhood a war museum has a outdoor “storage/scrapyard” . In their “collection” there are no less than 3 Bedfords, all in a sorry state. There is a OYC, OXC and a QL. I have only been able to find one VIN number. On the OXC the VIN number is 20885. Engine number looks like MW|3704E. I have not been able to find any VIN number on the OYC or QL. can anyone tell me where to find VIN numbers on mentioned vehicles? I would like to have any information possible on 20885. I am checking on the possibility to at least get some of them under roof.
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