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  1. Hi Clive! Thank you for your detailled answer! I will try to have a look for some different Pics where i can also verify the NSN´s --------------- 12x12 Shelter Lightweight?! Never seen - is ist an old version with thinner Canvas, or a new one wich is just in Service? --------------- As i have a Penthouse Tent from an FV, (might be from an FV432 command post)but no Poles and Frames at all - - Have you ever seen an end section to close the tent when the FV is dismoutet? I seen that the FV itself is the last "frame", but maybe the tent can also be errectet freestanding?!? - Have you ever seen an FV Penthouse attached to an 12x12? Hopefully this is the same Size as the Passageway addon´s, but i think this is just in my dreams compartible... - Do you have pictures and/or of the Poles and Brackets usually used for the Penthouse FV Tent?! Next summer i will try to set up the penthouse tent and make a frame for it... if the 12x12 cross brackets will have the same angle i could try it with them... if you will have correct mesurements for the Poles it would be a big Help! Cheers Gung ......aaahhh found this: http://www.fv432apc.com/fv432webzine/issuetwo/ces/fv432_penthouse.html
  2. Hi! Ok, mayby to many and complicated questions to describe them proper for my poor english.... What I think - You may have a NSN for the hole Tent/Shelter in complete ... and also you will have a NSN for the single parts... -Wall and Roof Section -End Section -Brackets -Pins ........... BUT! - There is not only one type of end section, there are mayby 5 to 10 different all together marked with a specific name(and NSN), as GS, Catering, Passageway.... And you may also have different MK´s as you may have an old Catering section maybe called MK1 and an improved one called MK3 Same with the Main (Wall and Roof) Section.... Right?!?!? Cheers Gung
  3. Hi Mates! Got some Questions about the 12x12 i cant come along wit an answer... In MY oppinion the Main Sections and the End Sections MUST be "counted" in different ways, and you can´t just say it is a MK1,2 or 3 Tent, right??? Maybe someon can count the different end sections for me first? Types i know: MK1: GS (MK1?) - Just a straight wood toggled openening in the Middle from bottom to top MK1: Passageway - rollup square opening with lashes on outside to connect a "Tunnel", no mozzie net and no zipper? END SECTION MK1 WITH PASSAGEWAY ATTACHMENT 8340-99-369-1162 MK1: Penthouse Connetion?!? - never seen, does it exist? To connect it to an FV Penthouse Tent?!?! -------- MK2: GS? with rollup square opening with mozzie net and Zippers -------- MK3: GS? same as GS MK2 + Ventilation Opening on Top ? MK3: FOR SHELTER CATERIIGOFCS 8340-99-147-7465 Whats te difference to the "normal" one? and - what is this one here exactly? http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/attachment.php?attachmentid=29649&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1277218815 ----------------------------------------------------- Roof and Wall Sections.... MK1: - seen a very old one with Vent openings on top... MK1: GS - The normal one.... MK1: Catering?!? MK2: ?????? MK3: Catering MK3: With Velco for Ground Sheet and Side Panel for Heating applications (or is THAT MK2) Please Help me Out :-) I Also Know There is a Passageway "Tunnel" + a 4-sided Connector Tent to dock tents and Landy´s.. Is there a Connection between the 9x9 MK3 and the 12x12? and at least PATTERN.... ("99Pattern" for example) Does pattern mean the "COLOUR" or does it also mean "MODEL"? The newer Tents i seen looks more blue-greenish than the old ones which looks more brown-olive...when did this change? so many questions, thanks for your Help! Cheers Gung
  4. Maybe like this?!? http://www.scale87.de/kette_uk/FV432/images/432-gbo1.jpg I hope there are not to many different versions... I must unpack it and look if i find some Infos stamped on it....
  5. Hi Andy! Something like this... http://www.military-today.com/apc/fv105_sultan_images.htm On the Backside Pic you can see the tubes for the tent, but i am sure i have somewhen seen an FV with an ready fixed frame on the back.... And i forgot to write -Lucky as i am: I GOT THE TENT FLY!!! i am only missing the Frame, an END SECTION (i dont know if it exists at all, as on the end normaly there is the FV) and the technical infos! :-) sorry - my english is getting a bit rusty... AAAAH - Found it...... In the link Nr.4: http://www.hmvf.co.uk/pdf/SHELTERS.pdf On Page 14 "FV432 in Command Post role" I think this must be the one I have... There are also the vehicles with the frames attached! Cheers Gung
  6. Hi! Thanks for your help, but no - Both Tents, the small one that fits on the side and the 9x9 i know very good, but thats not what i mean... The tent i look for details is - i am pretty sure - an "Command Post Role" tent (dont know if it is the right name...), and the first row of the tent Tubes are permanently fixed on the back of the fighting Vehicle.... Cheers Gung
  7. Hi! Been a while since i was here.... Now i got a question for what i think is an attachable Tent for a CVRT... Not this small 4 Persons side-Shelter, i mean this quite large Tent on the Back called "Penthouse"?!? Must look like a Narrow 12x12... Has anybody of you Pic´s and/or sizes of the Tent set up and the Parts? Means angle of the brackets Length of the tubes Parts list Additional parts... Is there an end section, or is it always open on one side as it is fixed to the vehicle? Thanks for your Help! Gung
  8. Hi all! http://www.ebay.de/itm/Glencoe-8x8-NVA-DDR-Bundeswehr-BW-Allrad-Iltis-Munga-Wolf-G-Model-/270941760822?pt=Automobile&hash=item3f15632d36 First time i recognised this brand... was this brand/model in MOD service ever? Looks like a real funmobil! Cheers Gung
  9. Hi! Have a look on this brilliant website: http://www.panzerbaer.de/helper/bw_lkw_02t_gl-a.htm Look for the "LKW 2T" - the description for the Mog in the Bundeswehr! Best regards Gung
  10. Here U Go! http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?12834-unknown-aluminium-frame Cheers Bastian
  11. Hi Tony! The connectors i got and Piet got fit over the tubes and are stronger than the connectors of the 12x12 and 9x9 tent, but the tent connectors will fit inside! only problem can be the angle, as i dont know, if it is the same, so u will get problems fitting the sides proper... i dont even know if my connectors are the same as the ones of the 18x24 tent, as they are also the stronger types! i will post if i can test the normal ones against the stronger connectors! and - can u provide a picture of the original pack? i got one - heavy wit a lot of aluminium joined to the canvas... dont know if this belongs original to the shelter.... Bastian
  12. Good afternoon! Can someone tell me how the proper Groundsheet for the newest 12x12 variant looks like, means the colour and material?! is it in one piece, or two? And what are the 2 x 3 Ventilation openings for? there is 2 small diameter ones, and 1 larger diameter one, and this 2 times on one side of the tent... only warm air? or nbc application? cheers bastian
  13. Perfect Piet! Thank You Mate! The only Question.... What is the official name of this Shelter? Does anybody knows? And as the drawing shows A bit different frame - what is this for - a larger container shelter? bastian
  14. Can someone provide me the nsn for the connectors? or pictures?
  15. Hej Piet! My pieces come together..... Can u provide me a picture of the naked frame? and can u tell me if your shelter has also the tubes on the bottom numbered 9 and 5 ? Cheers bastian
  16. As i see the most British Army tents dont have an opening for a Tent Stove.... only the larger Arctic ones have one..... Why is there no one in the 12x12´s or larger ones? And my main Question is - what types of Tent Stoves does the british army use? the only one i know is in a big metal mesh box and quite heavy and also not very old - see pic
  17. Hej! Looks good! but the tubes i got seems to be to short! are the tubes of your tent the length of what is written in the upper graphic? and how do the connectors look? are they very strong ones, or normal as from the 12x12 tent? and do you also have the blackout curtain? and if - is it canvas too or different from the outer? and does your frame exactly look like the one on the graphic? questions over questions? thank you for your help mate bastian
  18. I got hold of some frame parts, but i have no clue what these are for... the connectors are all missing, and i dont know if the tubes are complete... what is special on em is the endings / see the pics and i found a nsn on one tube : 8340-99-122-5532 UNIVERSAL MEMBER,SH The longest tube is about the length of the 12x12 frame may it be for an aluminium shelter side tent/penthouse? but it must be very tiny.... try your best! bastian
  19. HMMMMMMM... now it gets hard.... The seat i recognized, but i never been in any of these vehicles, so i thought fiat/iveco only do 2 models - the right seat, and the left seat.... :-) okokok - its not a panda 4x4... but am i right with the white cross, or have u dismounted it from your iltis and put it onto the iveco? british army veh. always have a white painted axle but never this cross, right? but if the cross is original, it has to be an original mil.veh........ now i know!: If the Dutch Queen Beatrix wants to visit your Queen Mom this vehicle always comes with the normal limos, just in case the steak and kidney pudding she eaten was not proper, and it was parked on the british side of the tunnel wating for the visit..... RIGHT??????? - and with the price - you are kiddin! I give u twice the money and by next weekend i gonna make a journey over the channel and ring on your door! DEAL?! :-) I AM SERIOUS! and i dont belive u sold it!!!! you still got it! You are only trying to raise the price..... SO - Quest done? :-) bastian
  20. I think this was built for the germans, or dutch army, as the night-light white cross on the back is only on these vehicles, never seen em on other army ones.... and it was built to do the duty either in britain for an embassy or for a base like malta, cypress sardinien, or somwhere in the Mediterranean Sea! do i come close to it? cheers bastian
  21. Hej! good job, but what tent or shelter? - no free hugs by now.......
  22. Perfect Mates! Thank you! cheers bastian
  23. This is written on a aluminium tube of an unknown framing with this nsn 8340-99-122-5532 who can tell me what the whole thing is for? for the right answer u get a hug from your mom on next christmas!!!!! and if u find me a picture of the whole thing too you get a hug from your mom on your birthday too!!!!!:-D bastian
  24. Another Question..... got a couple of these poles which tent are they made for? 5 pieces each +- 50cm long line in the middle to keep them together wooden end pin with an "Sharpened EDGE" nsn: J1 / 8340-99-127-5555 Keck 1968 and the broad arrow cheers bastian
  25. Hi! Is there anybody out there who has ever seen this tent? itßs quite similar to the 4 man arctic tunnel, but little different size dpm is british, not dutch, and it has a blackout layer from the inner, so i dont think it is civilian..... see also the print - may this be a trial run, or an sas thing? there are zippers in the inner for a inner tent, or something, but this is missing... the poles are also not original... waitin for your replies cheers bastian
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