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  1. Hi Willy Got the Service Sheet for your Nubian. Seems 2 were supplied to the Argentine Military Aeronautical Dept. in April 1955.As I thought it had a Sun Engineering body fitted, from there it would have been shipped to Argentina. Ive attached a photo of the Service Sheet hope it make sence. Regards Vassa33
  2. Hi Willy I got the chassis number, because of Covid it maybe a while before I can access our records. Enjoyed the photos, you seem to be making good progress. Is that a Ford flat head V8? Is it a Sun Engineering body, there maybe a makers plate in the cab, I know some guys who worked for them who may have photos of that type. Regards
  3. Anyone know whats happened to 37 RNM, I was sent photos of it 4 or 5 years ago stored in a barn. I was looking for a aux. gearbox for my TFA Nubian at the time . I'm a member of the Thornycroft Society and we have most of the build records, if you give me the chassis No. I'll see if we have the build sheet for it. Tips for restoration:- Brakes, check condition of piping, Thorny's used steel piping on some vehicles the Lockheed wheel cylinders can also be troublesome. Check the engine cooling system, it's most likely full of sludge and rust, take the inspection doors off and flush it
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