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  1. That’s great news! I reckon the controllers, or some of them, are locked. Any way good to hear yours is now working. What temperature have you managed to get down too? I’ve only achieved 2 degrees... also, are you using a female circular power connector? If so what is the part number and manufacturer please? cheers
  2. No need to get anything more expensive for a number of reasons. First they are cheep at £15 and have all the functions / features needed. no point in spending 40 or 50 quid on something and finding it’s the actual fridge that’s broken, you can always by a more expensive one later. also, these STC 1000s have a 10amp relay, to cope with any surge, they have a heating function, and are compatible with the basic NTC temp probe already installed in the fridge. Just wire up as per my photos below - terminal block used as a temporary solution.
  3. m109a3uk it doesn’t sound like your compressor is being triggered. The air circulation fan is on all the time and wired to the on/off switch. the chiller blower is on a separate circuit controlled directly by the temp controller (PID) so if this isn’t kicking in and not getting cold then there is no signal from it to the blower or the compressor. Therefore (same as me) I suggest getting a new controller and experiment with that..
  4. Same as yours, turned on with the circulation fan running and displayed the ambient temperature. After much investigation of the controllers menu system I concluded that it had either been locked or was so old/damaged that it needed replacement. I have built control panels for breweries and it’s a very simple wiring circuit inside so it was a simple install of a cheep replacement. Works a treat now! would a photo / wiring diagram help?
  5. Hi guys, I’ve solved why mine was not working. The controller was broken! Easy to fix though, just wire up a stc1000 controller from Amazon (£15). Now works a treat. cheers
  6. I have one too, and same as m109a3uk, it sits at room temp just circulating the air in side. I thought it was the controller so I swapped that out but still the compressor does not kick in when a lower temp is set. Any insight gratefully received.
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