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  1. Oh dear....the outfit is fitted up to be from the “other” Service! Nice looking machine though.
  2. Thanks Ron but really have my mind set on a Norton, habit I suppose, I’ve nearly always had one of those marques. Did have a couple of Triumphs over the years but Norton is my preferred steed.
  3. Yep, I’m looking for one. I’m a ridist not a purist, as long as it is about right and about the right cost, I’d be interested. Im already in the NOC ( 1967 P11) and watching there. Mil Web, flea bay and in MVT (1985 Armstrong MT500) so have most bases covered.
  4. Thanks. I’m looking for a green one to be honest, the prospect of stripping down and resprsy didn’t fill me with glee. I’m a ridist, not a purist. Really cross at missing Tony’s, one will come along. I want to get into LHG/re-enactments when this madness is over.
  5. Wifey said yes....but too late, I missed it. How about the desert painted model on flea bay, is there any knowledge there?
  6. Thanks, I’ve done a bit more research, seems fair to me. Have to get wifey to agree now. I’ll give him a call and hopefully go for a visit.
  7. 16H on mil web, any knowledge on here? Seems reasonable to me, I may take him up on it.
  8. Greetings all, Matt. Former Army pilot, flew Scout, Gazelle, Lynx and Apache, currently fly for the Police and the Army Historic Flight https://haftech.co.uk . Before I went flying I was RMP learning to ride on a BSA B40. I leap frogged the Canam and rode Armstrong’s for a while in BAOR in the field, always hankered for one of my own that I now have had for about two years. I can start it. Next hankering, a Norton 16H WD, need to smuggle it past Frau Oberst first.....
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