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  1. slaapstad


    Hi Chris - indeed the one tank has two square cutouts as you suggested - one longer than the other. I also noticed that the fuel cap is further back than the WD one. Not really dented though? You've obviously come across one of these before.
  2. slaapstad


    I'll put a wire brush onto the red tank to see what's there.
  3. slaapstad


    I found one - 17423. Now this came with a matching frame/engine machine 223** from contract C/S 1546. I need to pull another tank out, but I know that that came with a post-war CO, so I'd be surprised if it has a number. Another (with traces of army green evidence) has none. Another tank I have just noticed has a cutout under the tank on both sides of the central saddle. Any idea what it's off?
  4. slaapstad


    Thanks Ron. Methinks I shall stop searching in vain!
  5. slaapstad


    Cheers Chris! And you say that it is stamped? I have a few tanks I must go and look at and see what transpires. I seem to recall that there were date stampings on panniers as well, but I've never been able to find anything.
  6. slaapstad


    Where exactly on the tank underside would the marking be? I need to check my ones.
  7. W.r.t. the carb mixing chamber, several machines had a mixing chamber number like 276/014R as you mention too. The Triumph 350 ex WD was one of these. The Panther listed this as well - as did others. I've no idea if this is of any relevance, but it's all I can come up with. Possibly a corruption of this? M20 WD had the same mixing chamber number as well.
  8. Whew Ron - even the motor painted!
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