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  1. Hello, does anybody know what is the menaing of the Nummer (wnr/778968/L) in my engine bay? Best regards David
  2. Hello Guys, thank you the insteresting Inputs ;). There are some News about the dennis' History, although I have to admit that there hadnt been done much to the vehicle itself in the last few months. Attached you will find some other rests of color on the rear door which indicates that the vehicle was also part of the RASC. It looks like the same marking had also been painted to the right front fender but had been painted over. I will try to make it visible again with grindingpaper, maybe I can then tell the number of the coy it had been it. Our engine is equipped with a solex carb, which is also mentioned in the workshop manual. Workshop b401 being in africa might make sense. First of all the eighth army had been there. Second, I had the opportunity to talk to the guy whose family had owned the dennis from 1955 to 2006. His father had purchased the Dennis at an military auction when the royal army left austria, officials there also told him that the auctioned vehicles had been in africa before. Members of the british Dennis society were able to tell me that the vehicle was delivered to c.o.o. Chillwell on 29.8.1940 (order no 48807) ,so it was built earlier than expected. Sadly I couldnt find out yet where it was delivered afterwards. Seeing the documents locating b401 would be very interesting for me- would it be possible to get them via email? Thank you all for your interest and informations! regards from austria, David
  3. Okay, thank you for the Information:) The original Colour of the front End was Service Brown. But the original Colour of the Frame was this Blue/Grey i think... Or maybe it was a realy good paintjob after the war.. David.
  4. Hello, my name is David, i'm 26years old and i come from Austria:) I have a old Triumph 3hw with Fin Number: TL 33984 Under the black Paint on the frame there is blue Color.. Is this maybe an RAF Motorcycle? I know that the frontfender and exhaust are not the original, but i like it🙂 sorry for my bad English 🙈
  5. Thank you for the movies:) I think the british Army also had an Workshop in Austria. Because they where her until 1955. I found the Logo from the 8. Army on the Truck, and they had their Headquarder in Klagenfurt/Carinthia..
  6. Thank you! The Truck is complete, the Engine turns free and the Wooden Cabin is also in good condition. Only the Floor and the Tipper needs an good Carpenter. In the next Days i will make an Oilchange, and try to start the Engine. Maybe i have Luck an the Engine runs good.. This Dennis was lost by the british Army after ww2. Until 1994 he works on a big Farm in Carinthia. Then the Truck was stored in a dry Garage. The last 2,5 years he unfortunately sits in a Field....
  7. Hello, my Name is David and i live in Austria. I am 26 years old, and i love old/rusty vehicles...:) A few weeks ago i bought an old Dennis Tipper. It's a very cool Truck, and it fits perfectly to my 1943 Triumph 3hw. Are there other Dennis owners on this Page? Sorry for my bad English, normaly i speak German😂
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