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  1. Bedford OY Truck Can I try for the following units? I need a British Army or Home Guard unit in/around London. 1. 137th (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (of the 26 (London) AA Bde) 2. A London Home Guard battalion (E.g., 19th City of London (2 GPO) Battalion). Thanks!
  2. The British Army thanks! JB
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how a 1942-3 Bedford truck would be marked up for British (land) army and/or the British Home Guard? If anyone has any good images showing these markings too, would love to see!! Thanks in advance, JB
  4. Thank you! Please could you also confirm if the number relates to the squadron/group number, or the vehicle number? Thanks again.
  5. Hello Everyone, Happy Friday! I am looking at WW2 RAF vehicle markings and specifically the marking on the front (driver’s side) fender as seen on the RAF Bedford Truck in the attachments. These markings seem to have typically consisted of a letter, followed by a slash and then followed by a number. I’ve attached a couple of examples that I have come across - does anyone happen to have any information about what these markings are referring to? Also, if I was on a fighter air base, does anyone know what this marking would look like? Would it be "F / *insert vehicle number*"? Thanks, J
  6. Thank you all! Did the Orpo ever use civilian cars during the war? If so, does anyone have any images that shows as such? Thanks again.
  7. You're not wrong!! Silly me. Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm trying to pinpoint what kind of car would have been driven by the German Ordnungspolizei (or the Oper) during the Second World War. I've found a few images on the German archive which I've attached.. does anyone know what kind of car/truck these are? Many of these were taken in occupied territory, as I understand militarised Oper battalions were dispatched to newly occupied territory to enforce order. With this in mind, would we say these cars still accurate for Germany? What about Opel cars? Did the German Police use Opel? If so, do we know what models for 1943ish? Thanks!
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