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  1. Thanks I have already undertaken a lot of research and a total of 764 Churchill’s were made by the company all being Mk.I to III research so far: T-32246 to T-32470 - Churchills I-IV T-68641 to T-68816 - Churchills I-IV T32396 - Churchill I Gloucester RC&W Mild steel pilot model T32397 - T32470 - Churchill I, II Gloucester RC&W Production models T32396 - T32470 - Total 74 Tanks T67866 - T67990 Gloucester RC&W and Birmingham RC&W Production Models T67866 - T67990 - Total 124 Tanks T68716 - T68840 - Churchill III Gloucester RC&W P
  2. Thank you for this, I have been looking into all avenues including lottery funding. The one problem I have been having is finding a Churchill Mk. I, II or III with its original data plate intact/in place proving that it is a Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited built Churchill or even other information allowing this to be proven in other ways. For a local history subject such as this for lottery funding I have found it needs to be proven and have evidence that said vehicle being recovered is a locally built vehicle and that it is of some historical importance, etc.
  3. Thank you very kindly for both pictures and the correction. I have sent an email already regarding the hull. I need to find details for the turret next. Thank you again.
  4. Thank you for this, I shall look into this further and see what I can find/dig up (no pun intended).
  5. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your detailed message/comment. At the moment the museum is a portable mobile museum but we are looking into land and buildings at the moment which will allow us to build the museum around our collection providing the space needed as and when required. With regards other aspects, the museum has access to a number of WW2 railway wagons which were used for carrying tanks and it would be possible to put the Churchill on one of these wagons as part of a display as well as ease of moving the display and collections around as and when required. We also have acce
  6. It is an option, we are happy and willing to look at all options available, costs involved and all the details before a final decision is made, either way we would probably looking to fundraise for its construction as it will be a museum piece.
  7. Thank you kindly, I shall have to look into this and see if I can locate the hull you mention and it’s owners.
  8. Indeed, I know what you mean, I have been plotting Pillboxes, Civil Defences and other aspects of local wartime history and heritage from the war on a Google Earth Map which I am hoping to be able to upload to a website I am working on.
  9. Thank you kindly, I am interested in all aspects of Gloucestershire’s wartime history and heritage including the wartime manufacturing of Gloucestershire including local Churchill Tanks, “whale” sections for Mulberry Harbour and aircraft from the Gloster Aircraft Company.
  10. Thank you, I shall do just that.
  11. Thank you kindly Iain, I shall definitely bare that in mind and get in touch with them.
  12. Thank you Iain, I have been looking for a GRC&W Churchill and from my research only one is known to exist a Mk.III in a Sweden museum. That sounds like an interesting idea, I was thinking of fundraising for the replica build but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it, I was thinking of a small model to help fund raise but that sounds like an even better idea, I know of a few Churchill tank hulls and even Turrets are still around in ranges but not too sure if they are GRC&W built. I shall definitely keep a record of your suggestion and when I am next speaking to the Founder
  13. Hi Iain, Yes of course, I am 28 years old and I am working with a relatively new museum that has been slowly setting themselves up since 2016 and is dedicated to the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited (GRC&W). GRC&W built a total of 764 Churchill Tanks Mk.I to III during the Second World War including a Mild Steel Prototype as well as many other items and products for the military during WW2 including “whale” sections for mulberry harbour. We are still in the process of researching everything at the moment and do not have a set budget as it was.
  14. Thank you very kindly for this. The project will be part of a relatively new museum that has slowly been setting itself up since 2016. I have been thinking of more a static example rather than a working example but I am looking into all options and avenues at the moment but it is looking like a static example would be the way we would be going but with the possibility of having the external and internal looking like an original but with no engine but as I said looking into all aspects and avenues at the moment.
  15. Hello everyone, My name is Aaron and I am 28 years old. I was born and bred in Gloucestershire but recently moved over the border to South Wales but still travel back to my home County or at least did under Covid-19 changed that recently and will start travelling back sometime soon. my main area of interest the Second World War and I have been researching for the past 2 years my home County during this period and have been working on a number of projects to locate, promote and preserve this history and my research. Thank you for allowing me to join this Forum. It will definitely
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