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  1. Thank you, for everyone’s help. ’Relatator’ that would be fantastic as you have a cupola cover that can be correctly copied. I possibly have work for my QLD and ideally need the cover for the start of February, if that’s possible. Colourwise I am really happy with an army green canvas, which looks as authentic, as possible to WW2. We would also like the rear (back) cover too, so it matches but have the rear end of the cover as a roll up, if your contact can do it. Thank you for taking the time to help us. Jamie 07720923225
  2. Hi, thank you for reply and offer to assist. We would ideally need it for February and would like it in British green, like Les Thank you
  3. Quite quickly please Jaime and Rick and how much
  4. Can anyone help? We are looking to buy or have made the canvas cover for a 1944 Bedford QL. We were also looking for a replacement copula but due to no luck, are going to have one made. If anyone has the a canvas cover for a copula and for the rear, for sale or a pattern we could buy. Thanks Jamie
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