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  1. It's a chenowth fast attack vehicle or desert patrol vehicle. It was in operation desert storm used by the US special forces. I don't know anything about buying military vehicles or the registration process of one. If I took it to the CHP office to get it stickered without numbers. Would I have a problem? Thanks for your time everyone! I think any pant wetting from this point on would be just.
  2. Sorry for not responding, my notifications stopped for some reason. It is a fast attack vehicle, the 3 seater dune buggy from desert storm. There are no numbers on the frame or motor so I cant get it checked out.
  3. Hi everyone, I met a guy who told me that 40 years ago, a sergeant found out that members of his platoon had checked out a vehicle in his name and took it home. After telling his superiors that he would get to the bottom of this, he left to take back the vehicle. Once he recovered it, he decided to take it home instead. There it sat in a field, under a cover hidden from the world until another man bought the land 20 years later. Now that man is selling this little gem. Can I buy this legally? Is it possible to check a MV to see if is stolen? Does it matter after 40 years?
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