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  1. More than likely then! The Matador tends to head to local shows and the likes of dig for victory etc.
  2. Nooo, definitely an older restoration which was bodged a little in places, I'm trying to tidy it up and make it a little more like it should be. Thanks though!
  3. Hi Mk3iain! Yes, a very good point, apologies, all new to this! Based just outside of Bath in Somerset. We've got a few Matadors in the family and the Scammell is my first real venture into things outside of the Matadors. I don't have any real pictures yet, whilst I've had the thing a month or so, I've been tidying it up and getting it serviceable. I've attached a few which I have taken. That matador which we've got running is 1941 and have been to France a few times for the celebrations, and all around the south west to shows. There are 2 more in the dry waiting for resto. I've managed to find some good info on the Pioneer though, contracted 1944 ended up in the BAOR. I'd bought it from a fellah up Guildford way. No images of the regulator or electrical systems on the Pioneer, although if people need any i'm happy to pop and gab some.
  4. Hi guys, I appreciate that this is a really old thread, but I've just come across it now whilst trying to solve a mystery. I've recently bought myself a 1945 Pioneer and coulld do with some assistance sorting out electrics. The electrics on it were a horrible bodge and i'm trying to sort out putting something a little more official in there to enable me to go out driving about at least. Issue I've got is trying to source "an" regulator I don't know what the voltage requirements are for this... As far as i can establish, the starting is 24V and the rest is 12. I have a workshop manual and a maintenance manual, but they're less than helpful on this. Can you guys point me in the right direction? Over ruling question here is, what sort of regulator am I after on the basis that sourcing an original (or even any info on an original) is proving difficult? Any help would be brilliant, Cheers, Henry
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