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  1. MatchFuzee The info you gave me is for a Mk1 Vulcan but I have just found out that the parachute I require was for the later aircraft fitted with the swivel type seat with the quick egress system. The parachute pack was located in the seat with a separate seat restraint harness which I have. I am told the parachute type is a BK MK46/49. An internet search turns up nothing so I wondered if anyone can throw any light on the subject and especially the manufacturer.
  2. Wow that was quick. Many thanks. All I have to do now is find one.
  3. I am trying to identify and locate a backpack parachute used by Vulcan rear crew members. I have been told they were mk43. Can anyone confirm this or know the correct stores reference/ identification numbers or if they were used in any other aircraft? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. I am a member of a small aviation museum and we are looking to purchase a 1960`s era RAF aircrew mk4 (orange colour) life jacket. If you know of one for sale please contact me.
  5. I am a member of a small aviation museum and we are trying to obtain an RAF pilots mk4 1960`s era life jacket. These jackets are bright orange so easily identified. If anyone knows of one for sale please contact me.
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