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  1. Thank you, The photo above seems to show AVTUR version with Stream-Line filters. Is 16A/700 taken from the MT Vehicle Record Card? Maybe it simply was rebuild to AVTUR version later on? If I'm not mistaken QLs were no longer produced by then, so possibly all AVTUR were conversions of earlier models? This is a good view of the pump (on version 4) and yes, both handles are visible in the photo of version 3 above: A screenshot from https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060021114 shows how the hose was connected to the (front) top of the bowser (again version 4) and
  2. Thank you, Ted. That solves some of the mysteries. Some additional, visual info: 1. Early version, 1000 gal of fuel with PTO-driven pump. Hoses probably stored in the storage boxes at the sides, entire length of bowser. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210397 Peek inside (no motor for pumps, as they were PTO-driven). Note rectangular door: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205219422 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205449968 2. Mid-production version, 950 gal of fuel, two Zwicky pumps and their engine
  3. Maybe 1000gal is just a rounding? Anyway I've seen mention of 1000gal only with the earliest version of Bedfords, but these also could have been actually 950 gal. Here is the listing of the Bedford tanker versions I've found so far: 1. Early version, 1000 (or 950 in reality?) gal of fuel with PTO-driven pump. Pump at the back of vehicle accessible through rectangle doors. Hose storage lockers at the sides, entire length of bowser. 2. Mid-production version, 950 gal of fuel, two Zwicky pumps and their engine (3hp Bradford or P5XC Stuart-Turner) accessible through left-side access d
  4. Agree it might just be an error. Photo was taken in the spring-summer 1945 in occupied Germany. As for booms - it seems to me they were introduced on Bedfords only post-war. Or at least I haven't found any WW2-era photos of Bedfords with booms.
  5. Thank you very much, that explains a lot. Obviously Bedford bowser couldn't be possibly 1308 or 1306. So perhaps someone made a mistake writing the number on the door. Or maybe I misread it and it's 1508 or 1506? I attach photo for reference, I guess it is fair use if I add source. It is from Polish Wings no 16 on Spitfire XVI by Wojtek Matusiak, page 37. Would you be so kind and check also 1508 and 1506 for me?
  6. I have a question to RAF MT or Bedford experts. Recently I found in some books 3 photos of Bedford QLC bowsers (dated late 1944 to mid-1945), which all seem to show late-war 850gal fuel/100gal oil versions. They look very much the same, however they have different RAF Type numbers on the door: 1. 'Type 1307' - registration RAF 106887 2. 'Type 1308' (or 1306?) and registration seems to be RAF 106865 (not certain of the last digit, might be also 6 or 😎 3. 'Type 2400' - no registration visible Does anyone know the difference between these 3 types? Different types of fuel carri
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