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  1. Hi Richard Farrant, "I have worked on a number of Nubians years ago and from my recollections, I think you have the gear lever the wrong way around, the bend should be towards the engine. You are absolutely right! It was put in a hurry just to check the gearbox in the Wrong way... Thanks to tell us!
  2. Hi Vassa, Thanks a lot for your cooperation! I really appreciate this! By the way..Yes the engine in the pics is a Ford flat head V8, now it's working perfectly. "Is it a Sun Engineering body, there maybe a makers plate in the cab, I know some guys who worked for them who may have photos of that type." If you could ask for some photos or info to these guys, it could be so helpful. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks a lot to Richard Farrant, G506 and Smithy for your answers and collaboration! I promise to keep you inform about the Restoration ,
  4. Thanks ltwtbarmy for your answer! Do you know how can I contact them?
  5. Hello everyone, We are starting the restoration of a Thornycroft Nubian Crash Tender powered by a Rolls Royce B80 engine (number 209 w2). This unit arrives to Buenos Aires in 1955 with 40 Avro Lancaster and Avro Lancaster Aircraft. Thornycroft Tender is based on Nubian 12ft wheelbase 4x4 chassis. Water transfer pump driven by a power off a dual´purpose drive by a V8 auxiliary engine. These is all the info we have, taken from newspapers, and archives but we are really in the need of servicing documention both for the engine and vehicle. please, Does anybody know or have information where We can get hold of any copies to assist with the Restoration. Thanks in advance! Willy Landin Museo del Automóvil - Buenos Aires Argentina willydirector@gmail.com
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