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  1. Thanks Ron that make sense, only if they could talk it would be a lot easier 😀 Martyn
  2. Hi thanks for your response to my post, I am not looking for an engine for my bike I was just asking if the bike started out as basically a 3 SW and someone over time has replaced it with a 3 HW engine . Many thanks, Martyn
  3. Many thanks for your response to my Email, so just to confirm that the my motorcycle started out as a 3 SW and then down the line somewhere ended up with a Engine from a 3 HW is that correct or did they used some 3 SW frames to build the 3 HW , or is it just a bike that has been just put together with bits of various bike? Many thanks for the images, kind regards, Martyn
  4. Thanks very Much Ron. Martyn
  5. Good Morning Chris, Many thanks thanks for your Email, this which is gratefully received, I would love to find out any information I can for this vehicle so I will contact Hendon to see if they can help. with the information you have provided should this bike be in RAF livery i.e. blue not the green that's its currently in? kind regards, Martyn
  6. Just following up from my previous posts, I now have the Motorcycle running fine and looking forward to using it next year attending shows with my local Triumph owners club. would anyone be able help me regarding any possible history of the Motorcycle as it seems to be repatriated back into the county in 2015 from where I do not know, it would be nice to find something about the bikes history if possible. many thanks, Martyn
  7. Many thanks for the information so far regarding my Triumph 3HW any more information would be gratefully i would like to keep this motorcycle for many years to come and anything i can find out would be great for the future of this motorcycle and its future custodians. many thanks Martyn
  8. Just got an image of the frame number from the frame post if that helps any
  9. Many thanks for your reply's i have attached a couple of photos as requested, the images i have attached are the one on my phone i will attach more if required when i am able to. many thanks, Martyn
  10. Hello, My name is Martyn last year i was attending a local Steam and Transport Rally exhibiting a Triumph Thunderbird 1954 on my triumph owners club stand and a gentleman came up an asked if i knew of any body who was interested in a 1941 Army Triumph 3HW as he knew of one that was up for sale i took the details and the rest is history. i had previously earlier in the the year been over to Normandy for the 75 Anniversary so i was very excited to own a Military Motorcycle! the motorcycle looks the part and i think it might have been used for a static exhibit and not ridden i asked the gen
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