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  1. The willys jeep books are sold sorry
  2. Sorry I have sold that one.
  3. Ok thanks for the enquiry though
  4. I have had someone round to look at some of the books and has told me I had the price very wrong the t15 and t24 are £75 each sorry but the tm for the t24 is 9-772 and I can’t quite read the t15 but I think it’s tm 9-693
  5. Sorry which are the weasel ones.
  6. Korky, still have them, they are £75 each plus postage
  7. Here is the text for section 13 few extra bits that might help. i don’t know what I’m looking at so just guessing.
  8. Not sure if this is what you are after i have included pics of the index
  9. Not sure there are no vehicle images in the book as this maybe just for the chassis i did find this online
  10. I have borrowed the valentine III from my father in law. What images do you need
  11. These are the other books we have open to sensible offers
  12. I have a few maintenance manuals for sale open to sensible offers also have Valentine II and III Manuals
  13. No sorry we don’t and if I’m honest we had someone buy a few books from us that put the bits we have together. We don’t know much about any of the books we have and this is why I joined here as I knew people would know about them
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