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  1. Other than the oft circulated picture of the Dodge WC51/52 in use with British troops in Burma has anyone ever seen or has a copy of a picture of a Dodge WC51/52 in use by a British Regiment in the European Theatre during WW2, or even in North Africa after Operation Torch?

    Would be a nice change to see a Dodge WC51/52 in British markings with a Bren Gun attached, rather than the ubiquitous '101st / 82nd Airborne markings!!'

    Just a thought...

  2. Hi there.....I have the antenna you need for this mount.

    Images attached.

    One shows the poles along with the canvas bag and the other shows a close up of the Manufacturing Label - 'The Horton Mfg Co' who made antenna poles for all sorts of vehicles during WW2.

    If you are interested we can discuss further...

    Antenna Set 1.png

    Antenna Mfg Label 2.png

  3. Ferg...how did this project progress?

    The reason I ask is that I have a rare Dodge WC Radio Table with all the pre-drilled holes. Often used in Carryalls but sometimes in other converted WC's.

    Would be great to know how much you have found and done over the last few years since your original post?


  4. Hi there. Is this item still available? I am interested but would also like to know if you have the missing dial off the side of the generator and also the missing data/info plate that is usually located on the side of the fly-wheel housing?

    Have you ever used it?

    What is the history of this generator?


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