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  1. I have this used PTO for sale for a Dodge 4-speed transmission and an oil filter cannister . At any fair offer.
  2. I have 3 oldstyle 16" Dodge pickup wheels for sale, with 6.50 x 16 tires on it. They have 6 bolt holes. Tires are in rather good shape. At any fair offer but as I live in The Netherlands shipping might be a little expensive.
  3. For sale is this left side rear view mirror as used on Dodge Power Wagons and closed cabs. It's almost new. Price is €35.
  4. For sale is this Dodge pickup frame for parts. It has new shocks and wheel cylinders. Also other good small parts. Thanks, Paul.
  5. Hello, I have a Canadian Dodge engine T118 for sale. It runs very nice, no frost damage or leaks. Possibly also with good manifold, starter, generator (not sure it works), water pump, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, bell housing. For sale at a fair offer, engine is located in The Netherlands. Thanks, Paul.
  6. For sale are these 1940-1947 Dodge truck running boards. The right one is in exellent condition, the left one has some rust holes (as you can see in the pictures). These are hard to find items. Any fair offer will do. Thanks, Paul.
  7. For sale is this Solex carb, they were often used on Military Dodge trucks. Complete with mounting plate for use on Dodge manifold. Was on the shelf for some time so it needs a good clean up. Any fair offer will do. Thanks, Paul.
  8. For sale is this used exhaust manifold for a Canadian Dodge. There is a tear on it a the end of the manifold but it's good weldable. any fair offer will be OK. Thanks, Paul.
  9. I'm looking for a drive gear and pinion set for my Canadian Fargo. Partnumber of the set is 594707. The gear has partnumber 594677 and has 44 teeth, the pinion has partnumber 594680 and has 7 teeth. Thanks, Paul.
  10. Hello all, I have a Dodge WC pick up hood and front bumper for sale. Any fair offer will do, but remember I live in The Netherlands so shipping might be a problem. Regards, Paul.
  11. Hi Pete, according to my friend in Australia these manifolds are very rare and extremely hard to find. He also told me there are 6 or 7 different models, and the best choice if you can find it is the model with the outlet roughly at the level of the second piston. If the outlet is on the front the heat can cause problems with your fuel pump (vapour lock). The partnumber of such a manifold is 1122472. Someone I know in the US recommended "Vic's Dodge Garage", he seems to have rare parts sometimes, perhaps you can try him if you did not already. Succes, Paul.
  12. Pete, I have a friend in Australia and he is a Fargo man also. I'll contact him to ask if he knows where to find one. Regards, Paul.
  13. Pete, I have a left hand drive truck. I'm afraid the manifolds for the right hand drive trucks are even more difficult to find. Succes and regards, Paul.
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