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  1. Hello @all, we in Germany are mostly still in our own developments. But except as the Mowag Eagle, Mowag Duro or BV 206 is also available. But back to topic - Some pictures from some Unipower of the Royal 28 Engineer Regiment, based in Hameln/Germany. Many other pictures of british military vehicle (also BAOR) you can find at http://www.scale87.de.'>http://www.scale87.de.'>http://www.scale87.de. Have fun. Best regards from Germany Tom http://www.scale87.de
  2. Good morning Snowtracedave, the U 406 aircraft traktor was in service at the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) and the German Army Aviation (Heeresflieger). I have some picture showing a newer MB Unimog pulling a CH53 Helicopter. here ist a U 406: Other tasks of U406 were EAG (ErdArbeitsGerät): was like the US SEE (Small Emplacement Excavator) On my website http://www.scale87.de you can see some more pictures from the U 406 in Service of Bundeswehr and US Army. Unfortunately, I have no specific information or photos of the one U406 you wanted. Maybe you'll find here some info: http://www.unimogfreunde.de/Baureihen/406/406.html With Frames: http://www.unimogfreunde.de/ Good luck and best regards Tom
  3. Good morning from Germany, and now some Iltisse in service of Gemany, Belgium an Canada: On my Website http://www.scale87.de you can see many other pictures from international Army vehicles. Best regards Tom
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