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  1. Thank you Iain. Yes I will repost. Definitely not wanting to do anything untoward. Never having owned an HGV I'm very in the dark even about the simplest processes . I did email DVSA a couple of days ago but no response so far. Weight is 8600kg with three axles. Debbie
  2. Hello everyone I am a newbie and on the verge of buying a Bucher Mowag Duro 11, 2004 - ex MOD/unregistered. I've read through this post which is super helpful however as it's a newer vehicle I'm not sure about the tacho exemption and a few other things. Also someone has had big problems with getting the V5 document for this vehicle. He wrote this to me ... "Registering a HGV vehicle or private HGV vehicle is usually simple for most vehicles but not the Mowag. Usually a VTG1 form is completed and submitted to the DVSA to apply for first time registration and test. Once they have giv
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