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  1. The event is a ww2 re-enactment near the marina? Could you pm me your company details please.
  2. We have an event in August and need to Transport a Bedford OY, QLD and QLT to Ipswich from Basingstoke and back again. Can anyone recommend a company as I need a quote ASAP.
  3. That is what I am beginning to think. I am considering replacing all the HT leads. When it first failed there was considerable discolouring on each end of the HT lead and the cap to coil. It infact look as if it had got very hot too.
  4. I am using a Standard 12v coil. This was what was fitted to it before and it was fine. I could try sticking a resistor between the coil and the positive lead.
  5. I posted an earlier thread on the subject and agreed with all that posted that it looked like the coil had well gone off its mortal coil so to speak. Well we changed the coil and to be on the safe side we changed it the condensor as well and checked the points. We set off back to our secret lair were she is stored and got no more than 400 yards when she died. Upon inspecting the coil was so hot you could have fried eggs on it! We have gone through several coils now just to be sure that it was not another duff one. We have checked the voltage in the circuit and it is charging the battery around the 13v mark so we know the regulator is fine. :nut: What is wierd is that when we run her at high tick over the coil doesn't even get tepid!I am now at a loss as to what the hell it could be! Whoever gets the answer to this one I will drive over and buy them a beer of their choice as we are all at a bit of a loss. :cry:
  6. Thanks guys that is exactly what I got off a good friend. But alas that has not done the job :cry: . I drive 1100 yards or so and the coil gets incredibly hot and of course breaksdown. I have also now changed the condenser and checked the points gap and that all seems fine. Any suggestions?
  7. Can any one tell me what the correct replacement coil should be for a Bedford OY? I am posting this from the A287 waiting for recovery :cry:
  8. Oh my I am in love. What a beautiful restoration.
  9. well today as I was passing through Borden I was passed in the oppoiste by a Warrior. He was motoring some making and impressive noise as he thundered pass.
  10. Well it is the season to service etc and I have a rather nice OY the needs a change of lubricants. I suspect that the previous owner had never done them so I need to know what to get my hands on to complete the task. I want to drain the gearbox and replace the oil in that and I also want to change the oil in the rear diff. I have done an oil change on the engine so no trouble there. I was a bit nervous about what to put in the gearbox and rear diff as they could have phospherbronze parts and I gather than some modern lubricants can have a bad affect on them. Any help would be appreciated. Simon
  11. I have not done this but have considered doing it. I gather that you should use a specific paint for the canvas. What and where you can get it from I don't know.
  12. Well thanks to a member who PM'd me I am going to see this very sorry looking QLT. Already set in my mind is that it is going to take a lot and I mean a lot of work to get her running again. I am going on Wednesday and I am taking a camera. So we will get some pictures of her as she is now. If she is too far gone it will be sad but we are a determined bunch so lets see. Hopefully the project will come off and I will post as we make progress. Simon
  13. Guys I have heard that there was a Bedford QLT advertised for sale in last months "Classic Military Vehicle" magazine. I can't find it anywhere to buy not even sure of title of magazine is correct! If one of you has the magazine could you dig it out and see if the ad is there and get me the details. It would be a real help...... :???:???
  14. On man that is enough to make you weep.
  15. Has anyone got a 6pdr ATG that still goes boom or even a deac one? I a member a of British ww2 infantry re-enactment group and we would love to have one at a bigger show. Open to negotiation bribary and corruption are allowed.
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