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  1. A520861 is the number off the V5 - can anyone help me to date it from that?
  2. Thanks Robin. That had me scratching my head initially! I think I'll just rely on the batteries & nice thick jump leads if necessary!
  3. That would make mine a Mk 3 seemingly then. Whether that's a good or bad thing I have no idea! But it's nice to build up the knowledge thanks.
  4. Mine's as per yours - it's the *crab* steer that I/we don't have. Not sure if the crab steer was there on the early versions & then removed, or if it was introduced as an extra feature in later models. I mentioned it to help date mine - plate is corroded. As for the brakes - my intention is absolutely to fix them, but I'm keen to understand it as much as possible before loading/driving/towing it home for the repair phase.
  5. Thanks for the info. In the absence of brakes - can you stuff it into reverse & rev to stop? Will this cause any damage? I think I read in the manual that you can shuttle into reverse with no max speed mentioned. The only reference to speed was when shifting from 2nd down into first. Mine is 2 speed with no crab steer - IDK if that helps to date it?
  6. My back acter was forfeited for a pickup hitch many years ago unfortunately. First stop- brakes. Fluid reservoirs empty & pedal seized
  7. Thanks, It's going to take a little bit of love to extract the info off the data plate unfortunately. For now, here's a photo taken in miserable light...
  8. Hi, Glad to have found this forum. I've just bought a Muir HIll A5000 & have already used some useful info from this site. No doubt there will be questions from me - a mechanical novice, but fairly clued up with electrical/electronic issues. Thanks, Simon.
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