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  1. I've already fabricated one end bushing which is made of separate parts and will be welded together. I didn't have the OD though I just guessed. Thanks for these measurements. I need the dimensions of the trigger housing next.
  2. Still short of measurements if anyone can help ?
  3. Am I right that section 37 allows the manufacture of an RIF if it is sold to a bona fide renactor group ? I am a welder fabricator and have been asked by a museum to build a replica PIAT and STEN .
  4. Can anyone tell me if a replica PIAT is covered by the VCR act as an imitation " firearm" ? What about spigot mortars , mortar tubes and RPG's ?
  5. I will see how it turns out first before I buy any parts, the magazine, the main spring and its cup are the only parts worth buying for me personally as I worked in metal work, welding and fabrication . ( now retired )
  6. @Ron would you be interested in doing some more measurements as I've just started a coronavirus lockdown PIAT replica project ? It will have no working parts, just a makeweight steel bar inside.
  7. OK, I'm finding 2 mm or more difference in some parts like the main tube end bushing, and the barrel sleeve is 60 mm longer than a MK II. I don't trust those plans at all.
  8. Those plans are certainly different to what I'm finding by measuring STENS. The rumour is that they are from a metric Israeli STEN copy.
  9. You would have to add the entrance fee to the show and travel costs. I don't want to buy any parts except a mag , mainspring and its end cap which are not practical or economical to fabricate.
  10. The lockdown has put me back on this project, I've got some measurements off a mk5 but I'm still looking for Mk II stock dimensions. And a cheap magazine.
  11. I'm only really interested in the external dimensions as my replica will have the barrel and barrel sleeve fixed in place, no trigger mechanism, and no way to feed cartridges from the magazine.
  12. Perhaps @eddy8men if he has the time could check the dimensions of his STEN to the plans and see what the score is ?
  13. Thanks that's perfect, can you tell me the thickness of the sheet steel used on the grip plate ? Are there 3 sets of 3 holes equally spaced around the tube ?
  14. These are the plans I'm working off, I have read some comments online that they are not accurate but its all there is as far as I know.
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