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  1. 20 hours ago, wot6 1943 said:

    Has anyone got a copy of a maintenance manual for a Karrier KT4 Spider (Indian pattern F,A,T) that they are willing to copy or put on disc, or where i may be able to contact for a copy.  The reason is i would like to use my spare parts and spare K6 chassis to bring one back from the dead. It would be helpful to have a manual for one, to help aid this. I have a copy of the K6 workshop manual which will help with the running gear and engine, but could do with it for the chassis dimensions and cab which Rootes manuals have in them . Any pointers or contacts would be greatly received. Also anyone with a MK 1 Morris Quad that has photo's of their restoration they would be wiling to share with me,as both used the same company for the rear body work and this would help get the frame layout right, looks like Rootes use parts from their Humber line for seats and cab fittings. i have tried the Rootes sites no one can help at present and they say they don't hold anything on the KT4 in there files. 

    Sorry not great with tec, I have copies of the CMP trucks manuals both Ford and Chevi on dvd and thease contain some of the Quads, I will check out and get back to you if thats any use 

  2. 19 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

    Sounds a very interesting idea/project.

    I have a copies of all the CMP trucks Manuals which include one of the Quads I will check out and get back to you.

  3. I am looking for a good workshop manual to make life a bit easier, as is have to call very helpful   guys in the UK all the time and while they are really helpful I dont want to wear out My welcome. Dee  P/S Bedford RL

  4. On 1/4/2009 at 3:42 PM, Ivor Ramsden said:


    I've got a Morris-Commercial 4x4 manual which I can send to you on disc. It covers the C8 Quad Artillery Tractor Mks II and III, A.T. Portee Mks II and III and C9/B Bofors SP. It's too big to email but I'll gladly post it if you pm me your address.

    01 Cover.jpg


    Hi would really love a copy of that manual Thanks. Derek May

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