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  1. I did the front springs and further work on the chassis, but I have taken on some paid work so it is on the back burner for a bit ? That photo is in Dover, my Grandfather is on the left, a workmate 'Streeter' is on the right - it is believed to be on Durham Hill, outside the Bowling Green Tavern
  2. I have started a CAD model of my Great Grandfathers Dennis lorry -I will keep this post updated as it progresses.
  3. ... here is a picture showing the jib and its wheelbase better -:
  4. ..... does anyone know anything about this one ? - it is the one that my mates dad had when I was growing up, it was used for clearing hedges and pulling stumps and was shown at vintage events in SE Cornwall in the late 70s and early 80s - I found out today that is at the Cornwall at War museum on the old Davidstow airfield in NE Cornwall - found this and a few more pics searching for Davidstow Museum on a Google images search - looks like a non standard crane ?
  5. Hello - oops I have already posted in BenHawkins's 1914 Dennis Lorry post, but please find below a little about me. My name is Andy and I am 54 years young, I grew up around all things mechanical, my grandfather was chief engineer at the Kent Fire Brigade workshops, my father a Navy dockyard apprentice who went on to work for the MOD on the Polaris missile system from 66 to 77 when we moved from Faslane to Cornwall as he was moved to devonport with the Subs. My father and grandfather restored all sorts of vehicles and machinery from motorcycles to hot-air-engines, bubble cars to wind pump
  6. ... or not ! - (that 'we illustrate' picture has 12 spoke front wheels and 16 spoke rears) - I think it just proves that Leneys were buying direct from Dennis around that time. - I was too excited - it had been a long day, I had been up since 04:00 ! EDIT: - further research of the Commercial Motor Archive has found that on 4th April 1912, Page 10 it is stated that -: "Messrs. Leney and Co. have recently taken delivery of their fourth Dennis lorry within a period of 12 months, the latest purchase being a two-ton vehicle with a 28 h.p. engine" ...... interesting.
  7. Just done a bit more, google research and found in the Commercial Motor Archive an article from the 3rd November 1910 which states - " We illustrate a two-ton Dennis lorry, from a photograph taken at Guildford, prior to the dispatch of the vehicle to Messrs. Alfred Leney and Co., of the Pheonix Brewery, Dover." It could be the one !
  8. Thanks Ben, I shall be using Autodesk inventor pro - I will keep you informed of progress and will probably have to make further contact to bring out some of the finer details that I cannot source from all the pictures I have been collecting - I think KT 665 in the picture does look very similar, but I have done no actual research at the record office about its past or details - it may not have always been a Leneys lorry ?, and I have no chassis number or any other details so it may be hard to trace. Keep up the excellent work - regards Andy
  9. Correct - my full scale model is to be used to make a 3D printed kit, like the old Scalecraft kit !
  10. Brilliant Post and fantastic work on the restoration ! - it would appear to be the same model as this one that my great grandfather was driving after his dray horses were sent to France in 1939, this is in Dover Kent, sometime before 1941 when he died (he had been gassed in WWI and was never well after then) - have you any overall dimensions (wheelbase, track, wheel diameters etc that I could use to make a CAD model (small hobby of mine, see attached all scaled from photos and basic dimensions) Regards Andy
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