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  1. Hi FV Thanks for your thoughts. Yes now searching DD Items and all are Australian. Z1 = wireless stores also appears spot on. Tryng to find a test set but no luck so far - I did find this piece of equipment which has very similar markings but no idea what it is used for. Thanks so much for your time and assistance. Carl 👍
  2. Hi to all I would very much appreciate your assistance in identifying the attached pouch and from what era?! My thinking was for a disassembled antennae or a mine probe ?? From it’s markings I’m assuming it’s British from the arrow but not sure of the rest. Thank you all in advance and keep safe. kind regards Carl
  3. Yes I didn’t read your explanation properly and thought it was on the actual gun. Understand now. Many thanks again Adrian, really kind to share your knowledge.
  4. Adrian, you are a legend. I fired a number of gun salutes at the Tower of London back in the 80’s. In those days they used 25 pounders and the answer to my question was staring me in the eye all this while. Thanks again Adrian and all those who have responded. Really appreciate your time. Carl
  5. Thank you all for your ideas and expertise. Really appreciate your time. Regards Carl
  6. Hello out there. Bought this the other day and have no idea what it is. A series of brass nuts screwed onto a painted mounting. Any thoughts gratefully received. Many thanks Carl
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