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  1. Good Afternoon everybody, Some news about our GMC that is certainly a Model 16AA : - The structure of the "cab" is the original one : See at the top the rounded piece of metal that is present on the orginal GMC Model16. - Then, good news while de-rusting the chassis we have found the chassis number it 's : 166248. I'll be at the workshop of the association during the weekend, I'll post some pictures about the work already done on this car. (I'll also present you a Dodge light Truck screen side version, but i'll create a new topic for it!) Regards, Nicolas.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help ! We didn't find anything on the spring horn , on both sides. But if you said that motor number can be the same than chassis one, here it is : 53128N3 3/4 I hope we'll find something ! Thanks again ! Nicolas.
  3. Hi Tim, We didn't find yet the chassis number on this GMC... Thanks a lot for your pictures and for your time !
  4. Thanks a lot Tim, Yes we have the correct ammunition body now on the Nash. The condition of the Dodge is incredible, and that's why we 'll not change or restore anything on it ! It is from April 1918. The DAS Badge is a french insurance (Defense Automobile et Sportice). We are thinking that this badge have been put on the car during German occupation during WW2 in order to mask the US dodge brother badge to the German troops in France. The FWD in very great ! I love it ! I opened a topic on the Pre-WW2 section and send some picture of this GMC ! Kind regards, Nicola
  5. Hi All, Let me present you some pictures of a GMC car that our association recently acquired in France. (See my presentation topic on this forum I sent yesterday) It appears that this car have been modify during the past but below layers of painting, we can see Olive-drab paint. We are thinking that it was an ambulance, but before starting the restore, and remove the back of the vehicle and the cab, we would like to be sure ! We 'll take our time. Do you know where the chassis number was engraved on GMC WW1 vehicles ?Does anyone helps us to identify this car ? I'll be at the g
  6. Good morning everybody, It's our first post on this forum, and I would like ot introduce ourself and I : We are a french association, specialized in Historical Research and study mainly about WW1 period and with a recent focus on US vehicles. We are based close to Reims in the Champagne vineyard, an area that was really impacted during WW1. We have restore a Nash Quad that is fully functionning now, and we acquired also an American Expeditionary Forces Dodge Brothers. We just recently acquired a GMC found in France, and we are searching for information about models and typ
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