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  1. Bad weather today so I’m in the garage starting dismantle a Bedford engine that I managed to get
  2. Hi all have been preoccupied change jobs twice now managing to get back onto the Bedford I have now replaced the suspension pins, bushes and shackles re built the gearbox twice .one of the gears had broking teeth that someone has built up with a welder ,bit of a miss fit when meshing ,but is the one gear I did not have , so ground it to a better fit.new bearings ,selector forks ,shafts etc .Replaced all the tyres sand blasted wheels painted etc. Problems with engine , kept overheating knocked out core plugs cleaned block waterways , still overheated had to have a new core fitted to the radiator . I did have pics of all these jobs but my phone fell in the pond and lost all of its information I am now just finishing the doors repaired the timber frames and I’ve put new skins on them
  3. Hi all long time no speak I am I the process of doing the doors (repaired frames new skins reset hinges and painted) now it is time to sort out the side screens, I do not have any ,and have been looking for some or even drawings so I can stitch up some,but all to no end. I have tried to blow up pics of other Bedford’s to try and see how they are made poor quality pic when blown up and all taken at angles can any One help.
  4. Hi landrover nick I am sorry to say i bought it with no radio kit at all,it was a radio wagon and was owned by rippo but he told me he had to much on to do it so sold it with lots of parts and all its kit.it was then started to be restored then sold as a going project with an oy tanker and parts .I then bought it as a nearly finished mw now trying to find the bits it was stripped of, at the time i did not know so much was worn out or missing .But on a positive I am getting to know every nut and bolt.
  5. Hi all :-D thought it was time i got back on the bedford. was forced to take a bit of time of due too loosing my job,but all good now :-D. I am in search of a air intake 90deg cast ali bend that is mounted up on the bulkhead with a bracket and the pipework from there to the carburetor.I have noticed that quite a few people have also been looking for the same parts :-(.My air filter is the oil bath type but the oil pan that fits inside is missing as was the top and all the support brackets, i managed to make a top:-D and brackets but need the pan.I have made the hoops for the canvas,rear and cab, with the support brackets looking good :banana:.Wiring is nearly finished just the lights and indicators to go. I have re furnished a brake unit from a bedford oy tipper:??? with servo and was thinking of fitting it to the mw as the wife will be driving and she is worried about stopping, has any one else done this :???.
  6. I have now found out the thread of the split rim bolts and nuts 11tpi 7/8 = 7/8 BSF so all sorted
  7. Hi all I am in the process of changing the tyres :sweat:.They have grown on to the rims with a vengeance,had to cut the tyers of but managed to save the tube and gaiters . Some of the rim studs broke free from the weld and so needed re welding and the threads were very tight in the nuts , so i was going to run a tap and die over the threads does any one know what thread they should be as will need to buy a tap and die:??? .
  8. sump sprang a leak, rusted through .Was a lot of sludge that blocked the rust holes, when i started the engine it dislodged the silt and empted the new oil all over the floor, managed to stop befor any damage:-)another job:nut::nut:. hoped to make some noise this week.Still got a few pics
  9. Hi john I have the toolbox but no can holder. trying to down load some pics not going to well
  10. Hi John you did ask:-D My tail gate has a spring plate on o/s side to provide a shock adsorber on droping the gate, should this be also on the n/s as at the moment it hits the drawbar . ps which side of the chassis does the wiring loom run to the rear.I have a new loom with rear lights and indicators.
  11. Hi john yes your right the step on the tail gate is a fold down type. I see on some that they have a petrol can cradle at the rear just behind the wheel n/s is this normal and what should be in the locker on the opposit side. so many questions and the more i ask the more i have (sorry) phil
  12. Thanks rippo and danny p Makes more sense now.I also see that the planking go right through to the bottom of the bed planking mine rest on top of the bed I have mesured the bed and found that it all works to the size of 25lb shell boxes and mourter boxes,as i have some ,is this unique or dose it work with other boxes.
  13. Thanks to all the kind people that have helped me:-D.I am glad to say things are begining to look up, nearly finished the woodwork I am however a bit confused on the way the wheel arches are constructed as it seams that if you sit on them in the wet, you will get wet to, i can see between the planks to the wheel.:confused: should they be tongue and grooved. and should the tops run the full length of the bed ? Am saving hard to finish engine luckily plenty of other things to do. Will keep you all posted :-D Phil
  14. Yes i tried him ,out of my price range and service exchange took all our savings to get this far.So a bit limited:-(
  15. Hi all Hit bit of a snagg the engine is very poorly:-(.Thought it was time i took it out for a spin for the first time ,all new ignition and wanted to show the wife what tha her pain and suffering was worth it, got 3 miles from home boiled its head of .Got recoverd to my fathers farm,( a bit more room),took the head of :wow: No 1 piston,the crown is ptited from corrosion ,No 2 burrning a lot of oil, No three got a liner that is above the block and heavy pitting in the head from a foreign object ,old -damage as piston is un-marked.No 4 allso has a liner. so sent head of re enginering:-( passed crack test 8o psi at 70 degres c. told needes new inlet valve seats ,badly pitted and advised to have exausts too do to unleaded fule and a skim,they could not do the valve seats so sent to a bigger firm. they set up head for machining and found that the valve guids were not serviceable (worn) as was the valve stems from rust and so could not garentee the valves unless replaced .Got all the bits needed new and they saw a mark so re-tested the head at 90 psi and 90 degres it failed a 8" crack between the water jacket and oil way :cry::cry: , I have tried to find a head no luck:-( ,so if any one knows for one please let me know or even a compleat engine. yours hopefully gps.
  16. Thankyou all for your help:-D.I shall keep you informed:cool2:
  17. Hi gps here, i am getting to that stage when i need to start thinking about the cab hood and rear body tarp for my bedford mw:confused: .It has doors and so will need door tops too,i have none of the hoods ,no frame either.Does any one know where i can purchase the canvas or pattern so i can have one made .I have tried allied forces,they tell me no british being made any more :cry:,i have tryed others but american fine no british :nut:.
  18. gps


    Hi rippo The tow hitch tube that runs from one side to the other hangs lower one side, the clamp bracket is bent and twisted as is the ends of the chassis.mainly n/s.The step o/s has been repaired looks like it was torn of, just above this there is a slight hump in the chassis,and master cylinder and hand brake are under tention as it sprung apart when i undone the bolts,so now the chassis is striped you can eye through and there seams to be a cuve from front to rear on the o/s and the curve that is over the rear axle is shalower than the one on the n/s .I tried jacking at differant points to see if it was held by suspetion ect but it still held its shape ,so ithink the chassis has set in this shape.
  19. gps


    Hellow phil here Thanks for all the input:shocked: beginning to worry:-X.Log book says same as chassis ,so i think i will leave of plate and put it in the glove box as a curio.who knows the one it belongs to might come to light.:cheesy: many thanks
  20. Hellow all Phil here. I was cleaning the chassis and found the cassis No MWR 60849 stamped into the chassis beam,just below this is a brass plate .the chassis No is not the same?:??? what dose this mean?
  21. yes thats right a MWR with a new pine back body with ash sub frame,done as a mw.All the mwr equipment has been removed.chassis No 60849 . I have quit a few bits to find for her,hope to find some at w&p.Will be don as mwd cant afford to put back as mwr. Hope to be ready for france next year.If you have any history would be appreciated,other than that i was thinking of putting her to royal artillay anti aircraft, as i dont know any thing about her.
  22. The REG is UHH600.I know she has a few probs but i would not expect any different for a truck of this age ,and its a good way to get to know her:) ps 1944
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