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  1. There are still a few good machine shops out there that can help. The L134 engine is a simple engine and easy to overhaul. Oversize pistons and crank bearings are readily avaliable. So a rebore/regrind should not be a problem.
  2. Hi Nick, I did all the work myself, with a little help from my son. Who ended up being a much better welder than me, put it down to my age 😉. I was very lucky with the engine, it was a runner when I got it, so it just needed new bearings, oil seasl etc. No rebore or regringing was required.
  3. Hello Ruxy, the question of rebuilt or reconstructed is as subject of some debade, and open to interpretation. At what point does a rebuild become reconstruction? I am not sure and would ask does it really matter. As to your comment "Using a MB engine rather than a Ford is hardly a true reflection of the marque", the Willys and Ford Jeeps were both manufactured with fully interchangeable parts. During their service life many Jeeps ended up with mixed Willys or Ford components. In the field they did not care about originality, so many Jeeps ended their serice life with different engines. You are right, if you are looking for factory delivered example, it should all match. Regads John
  4. Hello Gents, I did actually get the chassis with a Nova number, I believe the chassis came from Australia. I have the serial number, being a GPW it is stamped on the chassis as still legible helping with aging the vehicle.
  5. Hello Nick, I am in Mid Bedfordshire, and yes I did rebuild the engine. It is in fact an MB engine as these are easier to find these days. The Ford engines are more susceptible to cracking so I went with an MB for now. John.
  6. Hello Nick, Like you I always wanted a military vehicle and after many years decided to restore a Jeep. The problem in the Uk is that there are not that many project jeeps around, and the ones that do come up for sale are often at crazy prices. For me these were always outside of my budget and often when you looked closely they had been messed about with so much, there was not alot of original WW2 parts. Wrong engine, T90 gearbox for example. So I decide on a different approach and build one from parts, starting with a GPW chassis that I purchased for a reasonable price. Two years later I have a rolling chasssis with engine and transmission. It may not be the easiest or quicked way, but it spreads the cost and allows you to be selective over the parts going into the restoration. Heres a picture of what I started with and where I am now.Regards John.
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