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  1. Hello. I present to you an advertisement for the sale of military items: GK 1250 x 200 wheels for T-55, EP 10 converter, X-ray meter, brake and swivel bands for T-55, silencer for ZIL-131, holder for T-55 tank fuel tanks, ignition device for GAZ - 66, starting heater boiler, connecting rod for W 55 engine, PTS road wheels. MINIMUM PRICES for which they can be purchased are in the table - these are the lower prices. Pictures below. Please write to me with questions or call bailiff J. Staszak (tel.+ 48) 503 404 481. Auction already on October 2 in Jarocin. (Polska - PL). In future there will be
  2. HEllO everyone. My name is Luke form Jarocin in Poland. I have and advertisment for you. The bailiff from near town (Koźmin Wilkopolski) have lot of military equipment to sell. It`s mostly from 50` 60 ` i think. I paste link to auction. If you are interestet in please contact me or directly him. The deadline of auction are still not known. But the autin propably will be in September 2019 r. Regards. https://sites.google.com/view/komornik-sadowy-jakub-staszak/licytacje-ruchomości/elementy-wyposażenia-wozów-bojowych-i-telefon-komórkowy-xperia-z2
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