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  1. EdB

    Karrier WDS

    We have the rolling chassis with correct wheelbase, it's had the end of the chassis trimmed off for some reason. Was converted into a farm trailer probably prior to ww2.
  2. EdB

    Karrier WDS

    Sorry these have taken so long but it's only recently while extracting some hay making equipment that I've had a chance to get anywhere near our old Karrier (or remains of). I seem to remember there was a query about the prop tube, anyway our chassis still has it fitted, hope pictures are helpful/of interest. Keep up the great work! Regards. Ed.
  3. EdB

    Karrier WDS

    Hi, I'll try and have a closer look this weekend. It's buried in the back of a barn currently. Regards. Ed.
  4. EdB

    Karrier WDS

    Got a full set of literature between us!
  5. EdB

    Karrier WDS

    Ours is still in its farm trailer guise but stored in a barn these days. Not very complete but has got an instruction book with it 😂
  6. I have a pair of wheel rims believed suitable for a Bedford QL. They are in good order haven't got handfuls of flaking rust scale falling off. They will need cleaning up and painting. All threads OK and nuts present. Recently split to remove tyres needed for another project. £75 / pair. Located nr Andover Hants or can send out.
  7. Its been a while since I posted on the forum but stumbled across this post. I was at my Dads cousins funeral recently and the family had dug out some pictures from when he served in the REME. This included some shots taken in the 60s/70s of wading trials on a LandRover presumably at Instow. I'll try and upload a picture I took. Regards. Ed.
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