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  1. Oh, by the way, If he sounds like a diesel... Blame Hollywood.
  2. Oh man. I feel like an arse. (can I say arse here?) It's been a minute from the last time I checked in here but I feel I should give you a long overdue update. Big Al AKA Salamander #3 is a star! I got him running and driving and you can see him on the Amazon Prime series 'Tales from the Loop' if you are willing to sit through a painfully slow sci fi show. He got a crappy yellowish paint job complete with fake movie rust, decals and dirt but I gotta say he is a blast to drive! I'd love so share some pics but I'm a bit compooter stoopid.
  3. Hi all. This beauty of a beast is now in my care and I am currently tasked with reviving him. I have dubbed him Big Al. He is going to be featured in a new TV series that will soon be filming here in Manitoba. Any information on the ignition system would be greatly appreciated as it's like nothing I've seen before. Any information on anything would be helpful for that matter. I am anxious to get him running and go for a drive. My boss wants that to happen in the next few days. I'm hoping that when filming wraps that I will be able to buy him and give him a good home
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