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  1. I may have got over excited last weekend and I had a spare 5 litres of 0w 40 engine oil but it feels good there not on the truck yet
  2. I also cant find a direct replacement so I am attempting to cast my own with two part polyurethane. Thinking about 30w motor bike shock oil? To improve the dampers.
  3. Hi again, I'm attempting to stiffen up the ride of my SUMB as it's a bit to bouncey for road use I'm replacing the suspension bushings as the rubber has perished. Also going to replace the oil in the damper any one know what type of oil is in there can I replace it with thicker type to improve it? cheers
  4. I'm based in Kent, I got the v8 Just getting it to where I'm happy to venture out onto the road. The jeeps also use paper cartridge oil filters, is there one that will fit in my v8?
  5. Hi, I have also just acquired a sumb was thinking of using castrol xl30 oil? Where can I get an oil filter? Wondering if it's worth cutting in a remote oil filter at least I could easily get filters.
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