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  1. i have two k6 tippers one was converted by he RAF to a tipper and have the duty officers instruction on how to use the tipping gear, it was based at RAF Ruislip. if any one is interested in owning one PM me.
  2. Have sanded bonnet holes no sign of weld or filler bronze green paint on bonnet and were cut outs would be ??? will update photos all now nato green and ready to roll
  3. H:undecided:ad bonnet off tonight to paint no welding, filler or any signs of repair?
  4. Prototype Foden has had a new nato paint makeover, i
  5. some photos as it came on Sat now has 1400 x 20 all round, rear chariot removed and will be green by next weekend Has Meadows diesel with no signs of replacement and bonnet has not been cut out for air cleaner pipes. also has trailer brake in middle of cab? sanding down at moment, if any insignia shows up will post. AJ
  6. A new arrival To the Freer stable Sister scammell to GRITEYES NGY 584 Force full 8642 CONT 9870 "COLDSTREAM" YVS 526 8641 CONT 9870 JUST ANOTHER TO ADD TO YOUR LIST, WOULD ANYONE KNOW ITS WORKING HISTORY AND MILITARY NUMBER Amazon joe
  7. Have just purchased another Scammell Explorer:nut: can anyone shed any light on its history REG no is YVS 526 Meadows diesel bought from Lutterworth previous owner Steven Pawson, Dronfield parts required original screen and frame. seats and bases. rear lockers or steelwork have floor no boxes. PM me with contact numbers and will call thankyou AJ
  8. I have one of these trailers for sale if anyone interested ( Crane 60 ton float )
  9. question, has any one got any photos or info on the RAF explorers ballast body type ? what engine,chassis numbers etc i think i have found one in a quarry?
  10. Dave Crouch had exactly same fault it is not the lift pump but hair line crack on diesel pipe from tank. you can"t just pull a pipe to the tank you have to have flow and return as original. to test pipework from pump to tank use air and you will find a small crack. Dave changed pump, lift pump etc etc but had no joy then realised problem was crack, if any probs call Dave and he will confirm details. Amazon Joe
  11. not picked it up yet had to work all weekend will see on wednesday. anyone got a spare ? if required.
  12. Ps Anyone know what happened to the lowloader that used to be behind Steves Contractor
  13. Hi NOS have u a photo and can u PM me price cheers Joe
  14. freer collection not all MV to name but a few Foden EKA prototype 6x6 scammell drops foden drops matador x 5 douglas ex snow blower Scammell pioneers x 3 douglas loggers x 2 aec LD55 militant Mk1 x 4 militant mk3 Bedford TM CALMS x 2 austin K6 x 2 Kraz 6x6 scammell EKA scammell chain drive 1945 AEC mamouth minor 1939 AEC R6 scammell super highwayman 1965 thornycroft big ben unipower unipower invader matador 6x6 x 2 Muir hill 101 110 161 22 vintage tractors various 65 ton crane trailer 10x military trailers solid tyre bogies bins stores x 3 army fordson major Harlan tug LR various x 8 LR series 1 x 2 Albion chieftain diamond T 969 Volvo N10 scammell constructor too many toys New toys M.A.N 6x6 Calms with winch Volvo
  15. Hi all just looked back at ref page 58 Herman Q807HNG is in our yard we saved it about 7 years ago from the gas axe its a tad rough but is savable it was a gun tractor any one interested PM me.
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