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  1. The rubber has come out looking good. I wish you the best of luck with the remaining wheels
  2. I think the driver drew the short straw when it came to bailing out of the Tank. I have a photo of a crew member stood up in that hatch during some down time.... I just need to find the photo.
  3. It's hard to believe there will be room in the hull for crew once it has all the gear in there? It looks fantastic.
  4. Would these tracks have been of any use? I wonder where they got them. A quote from their page from 2 weeks ago "from the foundry, with our models and machined by us."
  5. I'm going to take a guess you've already seen the link i'm posting? On the off chance you haven't http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2017/08/pzkpfwii-ausf-c-c-at-spearhead-of.html
  6. Very nice work. It's nice to see it coming together piece by piece.
  7. As promised, I dug out some links to various galleries. There are quite a few detailed photos which I hope will be of help to you? http://www.armorfortheages.com/MilitaryVehicles/PzKpfwII/PanzerIIGallery01/index.html http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2017/08/pzkpfwii-ausf-f-third-times-charm.html https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1885688051658028&type=3&hc_location=ufi https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/pzkpfw-ii-col2/
  8. You are doing a 99.9% better job than i ever could and at the end you will have your own little Tank to run round in. Have you tried to figure the eventual end weight once it's built?
  9. I have to admit that i only counted one spring i didn't think that they might all be different. I actually have two Dragon Panzer IIs. I'm in no rush to finish them off at the moment while i try and sort my Car. I'll see if i can dig out some links to photo studies of the various Panzer II Tanks. Lots of close up photographs. But for me, i'm studying the AUSF C & AUSF F as they are the RC models i intend to build.
  10. I believe there are 17 leaves per spring unit. I'm making something similar but in 1/6 scale and without a thimble full of the skills you have.
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