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  1. Yes: I have seen that too. My initial thought were that it was the size of the screw, but someone else asked if it was a date. The previous owner said he had the prop re-balanced, which would've been around 2014. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Re-painting the hull. A more "military" colour 🙂
  3. Something else: is this a size or a date?
  4. The technical term is: Feckin' huge! Saw her down south a while back. She made the frigates alongside look tiny.
  5. An old photo from before the restoration (early 2000s I think)
  6. Interesting. 10'6" is the beam (so I'm told - I haven't actually taken a tape measure to her).
  7. Thanks, I haven't managed to find any details or markings anywhere. The previous owners lived on her full-time so a fair amount of alteration has been done below decks. I do have some photos from before the restoration (circa 2000) and she was in a rum owd state.
  8. I reckon so - let's hope I can find some of it 🙂
  9. That's interesting - what makes you say that then? Maybe I've been barking up the wrong tree 🙂
  10. Here's a picture of my boat. What I know: she's a 40' wooden vessel powered by a Ford diesel engine. She used to have 2 masts but one of these has been removed. At some point she was full of Italian radio and sonar equipment. Stuff I'm not able to confirm but seems plausible: built by Thornycroft as a pinnace. Converted at some point early in her career to a harbour taxi. Possibly based at HMS Vernon. Don't know the year she was built - previous owner claimed 1939 but I think this might be just so he could claim she was at Dunkerque (which I doubt). It was also said she had
  11. Thanks. I will upload some photos to the marine section (once I've figured out how)
  12. Evenin' all! (or morning / afternoon depending on when you read this - and where in the world you are). I have an ex-Royal Navy wooden boat. Don't know much about it but am keen to find out what I can. I realise most of you have things with wheels, but there it is - I like to be different :-)
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