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  1. Great help thanks, I will post more pictures 👍
  2. Hi was your vehicle a 5.7lt auto box? how many are there left ? what do you think I should ask? thanks Charlie
  3. Yes this is my vehicle and she is complete with V8 5.7lt and autobox, and yes the price is high but where would you go to buy one?
  4. These double cab versions as fire tenders had a small block Chevy 5.7 v8 mounted on a 3 speed auto box as standard.ifyou wish to see one I live in Wantage and have one in my barn, also running a 2 door version with a v6 Essex engine every week.
  5. Hi 

    Just reading your reply regarding the RB44 double cab fire engine, I hav e one in my barn and it has fitted from new a small block Chevy 5.7ltr V8 fitted to a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

    who was after one as I could be persuaded to part with her for the right money?

    all best CharlieFarley

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