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  1. Daryl


    Thanks everybody for your replies I have purchased Brian Thackrays book , It has a lot of information that relates to what I have found firstly I have uncovered a chassis number 16285 the engine is a aec engine ( not Tylor) A109 181 W6 the gearbox id plague is dated 1.12.18 (have to question that) if engines started in 20/s the id plate on chassis and engine have one common set of letters W6 ? notice dates on cylinders (cast in) 8 5 24 engine was left on TDC and cap was of points on magneto, Cap and screws where still sitting on top near spark plugs assuming there was a spark problem when left currently engine is stuck assume it will be pistons can anybody recommend a way to get it turning over it has had a broken drive wheel at one stage not sure which one is correct would also question radiator which is cast iron not aluminium is this possibly one of the vehicles aec re-purchased after the war and repowered PS: notice condition inside valve cover cheers Errol
  2. Daryl


    Hi all just new to this site my name is Errol I live in NSW Australia and have just recently come across this early AEC would be interested in talking to anybody with any information on or where to source parts Not sure how it landed out here . front tailshaft was removed and was used to operate a winch in a quarry unit is quite complete have read they had Tylor JB4 engines this engine has magneto running parallel with crank on left hand side most of the engines I have seen on line, magneto comes out at 90 degrees from crank at front of engine on right hand side any info would be greatly appreciated cheers Errol
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