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  1. Can anyone shed any light on these jeep markings just started rubbing down to respray and came across these possibly original markings and strange green colour maybe marines usual hood (bonnet) numbers Normally start with USA not US any suggestions before possibly losing Original markings many thanks in advance Dean
  2. Does anyone know when this picture was first publically released, or first shown in any book? Still trying to authenticate the jeep in the picture many thanks. Dean
  3. Thanks. Simon. Will get on that straight away will let you know how I get on. Many thanks. Dean
  4. Cheers for that makes sense,I'm now trying to get in touch with the Norwegians to see if they con prove or disprove the hood number. Many thanks. Dean
  5. Really interesting comments so far : this is what I know, definitely used by the Norwegians, has a plate on the gearbox and on the engine to say they have been rebuilt, by the Norwegian armed forces,there is a Norwegian shipping tag, once in the uk went straight to British army museum where it stayed for about thirty years, it was part of an exhibition called stuck in the mud, something to do with an African campaign, no one at the museum seems clear how it came to the museum or if they altered it at all i guess the key is to talk to the Norwegians
  6. At the moment still not authenticating number on jeep hood, I do know that the jeep came from the Norwegian army, so does anyone know how to contact the Norwegian army vehicle records, is there even such a department ? All help suggestions greatly appreciated thanks. Dean
  7. Hi does anyone know how or if I can find if my jeep hood number M5473422 is the original number to my chassisnumber GPW95468 any help greatly appreciated thanks. Dean Thanks for all the response. Will investigate further, and well spotted that man I have seen the picture of the medic jeep in france July 1944 At the moment the jeep has that number on the bonnet(hood) but it is done in I believe airborne livery, I know the jeep came from norway i believe with that hood number then went into the British army museum for some thirty years with the original paint and the red cro
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