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  1. Interesting info. Food for thought. Thanks for the posts. I was also wondering if u could improve fuel efficiency by a combination of weight saving ( hence the question over a lighter alloy load bed) and engine improvements. I've heard there are some 8ltr engines in some models and that some have fitted a 6 speed Bedford bus gearbox. Anyone have direct experience of these making much improvement? Would sticking an intercooler on the turbo boost performance significantly?
  2. Greetings Please can anyone tell me what weight the load bed is on the Bedford MJ? I'm on the verge of getting one to change into a camper and thought a lighter alloy load bed may save fuel and free weight up for other items. Also I was wondering if anyone has successfully installed a third seat in the cab. And third, has anyone fitted a hinge so you can tilt the cab for engine access? Thanks for any help. Jam
  3. Thank you all ever so much for your responses. I shall go and do some further research on the trucks mentioned. 6x6, As suggested I have posted some of the pictures onto this site http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?albumid=43
  4. Hello I'm a military vehicle enthusiast who is lucky enough to live near Witham SV and can regularly go and dream of owning a Bedford MK. Perhaps this love of military vehicles can be traced to my ancestors. Both grandad's drove trucks during the war. They never talked about this but i have found some pics recently and I wondered if anybody out there could help identify the vehicles. You can see the pics in this picasa album. One grandad served in Palestine with the RAF at the end of the war and my other was in the Hussars in what looks like North Africa. I particulalry like the convoy pic and the lead vehicle with the white wall tyres. You can see the pics in here. click here Thanks James
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