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  1. Ooooo go on then - DROPS Trials and Training Team; Mons Barracks Aldershot 1988.
  2. 3ft tube nowhere near long enough - 6 or even 9 ft required. Lots and lots (and lots) of heat - bright red throughout, a 3/4" socket with 6 not 12 faces (ie the windy hammer type) and definitely not an open ended spanner a very good tommy bar.............
  3. I know I have some old bonnet panels for one and have made new replicas of same!
  4. Somewhere I have the enamel AEC badge torn off the front of 16EK36 by Driver Bradley (AKA Selwyn Froggit) and thrust tearfully into my hand as I left Glamorgan Barracks in late summer 1979. Sadly '36 was a 6x6 but I think it will be close enough for gobmint work. Yours for a suitable donation to a charidee of your choice and a cabbie in the finished article...........
  5. There's no point in getting hot under the collar - the thing about the open market is that you can ask whatever you like for stuff, and if it sells well great. if it doesn't - lesson learned. £150 might be money well spent getting a restoration finished or a set of equipment just so. This is especially the case when some vehicles command very high 2014 prices yet owners want to still pay 1960s prices for parts! Oh and if anyone has a pallets of PSP at £150 a pop I will take two pallets please.................:cool2:
  6. Get hold of a proper shipping agent in Dover - they will sort it without batting an eyelid!
  7. We trialled a 2wd bike in TLDT back in the 1980s... It was about as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise.
  8. Yep! They are good wagons and whilst they have become more mainstream started UK life with SF... In SF hands it was known as Menacity which then became MWMIK.
  9. Isn't there a second Canadian one lurking around at the moment too?
  10. Mmmmm good question on the Mack......I have promised myself that I will be getting on with it without further delay but at the same time we are maxed out with customers stuff! In fact the website needs a serious overhaul as even that has taken second place to spanner work. I will probably re-jig the website to be more of an advertisement and use Facebook to do the regular updates. That said I have set myself the challenge of getting the Mack on the rally circuit next season, so watch this space! Oh and we are based in Cumbria.
  11. My kind of project that - the more horrible the better. There is little worse than someone saying that something is in great shape, paying top dollar for it then discovering that there are a number of meanings to the phrase "in great shape". At least with something you have to load into the trailer with a shovel you know where you are and the only way is up! You will definitely need a bonnet - good job I have a new one in stock ready to go. We also do a good line in other tin and timber bits. (Rustytrucks rule No 1 - never miss a sales opportunity..............tee hee!)
  12. It depends if you want to own it or not! If you do then trust your instincts. That said I doubt that time has been kind so really I would just be trying to see how good/bad it was overall and the extent to which it has all the key bits and bobs, engine, gearbox, wheels windows etc etc etc. Probably best to leave the rose-tinted at home though...
  13. We are already using a sort of halfway house that leverages this emerging technology. Using a 3d scanner, solidworks software and either a 3d printer or CAD driven router it has been possible to create excellent patterns for subsequent one-off casting. Alternatively the CAD file can be fired anywhere around the globe to be machined. A recent example was the production of a blowdown valve for a Marshall steam engine. A solidworks virtual model was created from a photograph of a real valve then both pattern and core were machined out of high density foam before being cast out of bronze and machined. The resulting valve exceeded its spec and was still holding good at 400psi. Oh and by the way - this wasn't done by me or a huge engineering enterprise, it was done start to finish (including the casting) by son Dan in his spare room/back garden....
  14. Yep Too much sun! Wally is of course correct... I am confusing my champs with my M38s.
  15. I read B40 and my inner right thigh started to have flashbacks....oooooo the bruises you could get from that oil filler!! I think though I would give one a home if one came up. Might get its oil filler tube shortened though!!
  16. Snake oil on an old engine I fear - there is much more to be gained from just getting the system to the book spec - after all when they were made they seemed to fare OK. I do remember a trick from a million years ago though to make an ailing coil work for its living and that was to splice a small button into the king lead - the wire (remember when plug leads and the like actually had wire in them?) was cut - one side was twisted into one hole in the button, the other went into the hole diagonally opposite leaving a gap between the two. Only when the coil had generated enough va va va voom did the power leap across (in the form of a spark) then on all big and strong via the dizzy to the plug. Wrap a bit of tape around your button and bingo - an ignition booster. I think I will call mine the Hurricane booster....:-D
  17. I seem to remember that all the wires are black but have tiny aluminium numbered tags on them which either corrode or fall off... Or have I been out in the sun too long?
  18. I do like the CJs - and good on you for giving it a go! Be just as nice done as original CJ though - but that's just my opinion - you do just as you please! The Dana 44s are, as I recall, highly sought after in the US for rock crawlers as they are, apparently, virtually indestructible.
  19. I wonder of anyone can help out with the loan of a couple of dennison smocks for a brace of ex-airborne types who intend chucking themselves out of a DC3 in September over Arnhem? They are both medium build and a whisker under 6 ft. Replicas would be fine and it is a very long shot but at least the owners would know that they have actually had a one-way plane ride! They also need gaiters as well apparently. Fingers crossed.......................
  20. Over the last couple of years I have had all sorts of problems with ignition components of all kinds and in one case had to swap the whole lot of a Bedford ignition system out. The sad fact is that the market is awash with sub-standard and counterfeit items. In the 1970s I never ever ever heard of a rotor arm giving problems, these days it is one of the first places that I look. Spark plugs are the same, and these days I take the view that just because the box says champion or NGK or whatever the reality is likely to be different. There are also numerous accounts of similar counterfeit goods such as oil and air filters, brake components and the like. Sad but true. It is not just the little things either. We had a generating set in Baghdad powered by a CV12. It gave us constant problems and blew turbos once a month almost without fail. In frustration I suggested to our US Airforce maint Sgt that she stop getting the runaround from the contractor (no names no pack drill) and approached Perkins direct. She did, forwarding the spec and the serial number etc. Mmmmm said the nice man from Perkins. Very interesting but sadly we cannot help - as whoever made that engine was not us! Someone out there was doing knock-offs of Perkins CV12 powered generating sets as big as a small house. So no wonder the small bits get copied.
  21. Heritage Steam or Seddon and Blacks - all sorts of lovely graphite packings available for steam engines and associated pumps.
  22. And the Rush Green Antar is still in Rush Green........ Has anyone got one for sale by the way? I have a customer desperate for one. Ideally Mk3.
  23. Nice! Once upon a time I had a bit to do with the British Army's Railway capability - 79 Railway Sqn. Amongst other things we ran the first operational rail system since Palestine in Kosovo in 1999. We also had the first military rail crash since Palestine too... This looks in great shape - not sure that its WW2 vintage though is it? A railway loco from the folks who build the casings for nuclear bombs....
  24. Once had about half a troop of Mk1 AEC Militants clocked by the speed cameras on a downhill sliproad on an autobahn in southern Germany - the speed limit was 50KPH which a knocker would normally struggle to get to in the first place. But downhill and out of gear was a different story.....Speeds ranged from 58 to 77KPH
  25. Nice pictures! My Tp TTF was 65BN51....
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