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  1. Any fellow Zil owners out there? I am getting an engine / coolant over heat light when i use the truvk for more than around 20 mins. Then the engine cuts out. Theory 1 - faulty sensor Theory 2 - faulty water / coolant pump Anyone got any thoughts and if you agree - do you know where I could source these parts please? Thanks, Will
  2. I have 3 x Russian vehicles for sale - I bought them on a bit of a whim for a project that i am not going to find the time to complete. I can sell individually or as a job lot, they are currently in Dorset (UK) and any inspection welcome. They have been imported and have a VIN, but not been registered yet. They are all in good working order and a have clean body work etc. Zil - 131 UAZ - 452 UAZ - 469 Contact me if you are interested - thanks
  3. Ive still got this - will consider offers as I would like to use the money I have tied up in it to progress work on my Zil 131
  4. I am just putting mine up for sale: For sale 4X4 Military conversion, UAZ-452 I imported this and was planning to convert this to a camper myself but have got a bigger vehicle to take the kids with me. Great condition, in very good order through out, bodywork has been stripped, filled and resprayed, mechanically sound, starts on the button. List of restoration work completed: - Sandblasted, filled, sealed resprayed - Tanks checked, welded and new fuel sensors installed - Brake hoses, cylinders, tyres changed - Clutch gaskets changed - Most of the electrics changed - Compression ratio checked - All gaskets changed - Valves brushed - Piston rings changed - Head polished - Same for Pumps and Carburetor - Engine stripped cleaned / Painted - Gearbox and clutch checked and fine tuned All it needs now is the internal fit out completing and its good to go. £7,995.00 willharold@me.com // 07800571177 DT11 (Near Blandford Forum / Salisbury / Dorset)
  5. We found this in the end. Not what we were expecting at all. We began by removing section by section anything that could be rotating - water pump, fan belt and so on. When this was fruitless we determined it was coming from the engine. We took the carburettor off when looking down into the engine there was a rod that had used to drive the mechanical fuel pump. At some stage it must have bounced out of its slot started to rattle about. Problem solved.
  6. Zil paint jobI dont have a body on it at the moment... I got it without one as I am planning to put my own on the box on the back.
  7. Yes that would make good sense actually given a few of the other symptoms. Will investigate!
  8. Thanks Lauren - appreciated Here is what I'm up against ;-)
  9. fan seems fine... It also happens before the engine is running, as you turn the ignition and its turning over.
  10. Hello, I am total novice, bought a Zil 131 on a whim after spending some time in Georgia. Any fellow Zil owners on here? I am Dorset based. Thanks, Will
  11. Haha - thats good advice! Ive also got a coolant over heat light on now... Hmm.
  12. Hello I'm new. I've recently bought a Zil 131 and its a lot of fun. Its developed a rattle I think around the radiator or one of the belts and cannot discern where its coming from. It's also got a coolant heating temp light showing. Little film of the rattle here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/8d5d596c3fa1978e324e6e820801ea3820180311133300/3f32dc095852be75256cf1827022380b20180311133300/dbeca7 Any thoughts or help would be gratefully received. Thanks Will
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